I really like surprises...well, let me explain.  I like the actual surprise, but I am not very good at waiting on the surprise.  Turns out, Will is a lot like his momma.  Yesterday as I was wrapping up a few gifts in our room, Will came in and started snooping around.  He found one of his stocking stuffers and I loudly said, "Will, don't you like to be surprised, you do not have to know everything before you get it!"  I mean, this kid has always found out about every single gift or fun activity that we have ever tried to surprise him with.  Seriously.  I continued to tell him that I just want him to enjoy his gifts from us when he receives them.  Then, it just hit me...the Lord was using my child to speak to me about how I have been acting about "surprises" in my own life.  See, I feel like I am in a period of unknowns right now.  I have been asking myself, "Will common threads be successful?" "Will people rally behind families who have children with special needs?" "Where in the world can I work full-time in Grove?" "Should I even work full-time right now?"  The list goes on and on.  I have my answer from the Lord, the One who knows my every thought and the One who loves to surprise me with His best.  He clearly said, "Tiffany, don't you like surprises?" "You do not have to know everything right now, enjoy where I have you today."  So, I am choosing to trust in Him today and be patient...knowing that He will surprise me in His perfect timing.  

And, hopefully I can keep Will out of our hiding spots too!  

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