About Us

The common threads brand was founded by parents of two incredible sons.  One of those boys has Cerebral Palsy, a condition that affects speech, mobility, and motor. And, because we believe God can do anything, we are on a mission to educate, unify, and foster acceptance...one t-shirt at a time.

our family:

Our family started on May 17th, 2003 when Andrew and I were married in Oklahoma City, OK.  We are best friends and have been so blessed to have each other the last 9.5 years.  Our first-born, Will was born a short 4 years after we were married and, of course, he melted our hearts.  He is now the most tender-hearted, compassionate, and witty almost- 6 year-old I know...not to mention he has some pretty amazing soccer skills. Our second son, Jack arrived in July 2009 and he had such a sweet spirit about him. We were in love again!  After months of not progressing and reaching milestones, Jack was diagnosed with CP in 2010 at the age of 9 months.  At that moment, our lives changed forever.  The last 2.5 years have been painful and difficult at times.  But, we can stand here today and say that we serve a great God who has been so faithful to us.  We know hope, love, joy and perseverance like never before and we are filled with thankfulness for all He has done in our lives.

why common threads?

Our family recently moved to the Grand Lake area in NE Oklahoma from OKC.  And, yes, we are really enjoying the change of pace and beautiful scenery!  Since our move, the Lord has been prompting us to step out in faith and advocate for Jack and so many others. Although there has been great progress in the special needs community, we believe there is still so much to be done to show the world how much in common we really have.  We were all created by our Heavenly Father who delights in us and loves us, just as we are. We were all created to worship, love, and be loved in return.  We all desire to be included and have meaningful relationships. And, we all have a purpose...we believe this is part of ours.  Our hope is that our words on the blog and our t-shirt designs will be another step towards complete acceptance for those who have special needs and allow others the opportunity to reach out and be blessed!   

giving back

Common threads will choose a family, organization, or ministry to donate 10% of our profit to every month.  If you know a family, organization, or ministry who share our mission, please contact us as we will be on the lookout for those we can serve. 

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