Today was a day full of perspective.  I sat and watched a teenage girl with Cerebral Palsy have the best time at an arcade game, even though it was incredibly difficult for her to play.  She laughed at herself trying to hit a button just right, while her dad grinned ear to ear, shaking his head at her tenacity.  Her determination encouraged me and I found myself also grinning ear to ear...all I could think was, "this young girl just made my day and she doesn't even know it!"  She is blessing others, just by being herself...isn't that what we all want?  

And, I my heart has been heavy today, praying for and thinking about a family we know who is doing the impossible...saying good-bye to their precious daughter who went to be with Jesus on December 23rd after battling NKH for 7 years.  This family has been a huge encouragement to us the last few years, even though we have only met them once, for a few short minutes.  Through social media, we have been able to connect with their family and witness their passion in fighting for children with special needs.  To see the way they remain faithful to the Lord and their family, in the midst of so much trial, has ministered to our hearts so deeply.  I have also shared some of their story on our FB page and numerous friends have messaged me, just to let me know how powerful their story is and how incredible they are as parents.  I could not agree more.  

So, I am challenged today to keep my eyes fixed on Jesus, make time to take in the blessings before me, to just be myself, and pray for those who need to feel the Lord's embrace, comfort, and peace.   

Only by His grace,

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