A Joyful Stroll

Just taking a little stroll in our living room...don't you love how excited Will is for his brother?!  It gets me all choked up to see the joy on Will's face-he has been through a lot the last 2.5 years too, and despite it all, he truly is Jack's biggest fan.  That really blesses me as a mom...praise you, Lord for the joy You give us!  

Shout for joy to God, all the earth!  Psalm 66:1

And, here's a little preview of our new shirt...we LOVE the design and meaning behind it.  Inside of a few of the letters is a power chair, wheel chair, walker, and the glasses from the Walk by Faith tee.  We went in with the idea of Rock What You Got (I just heard a song this week with these lyrics and really liked it) and having the other elements tied in somehow.  We want to promote the notion of being perfectly okay with who you are and "rocking what you got"...that could mean a lot of different things, depending on the individual, so we are so excited to get this tee out! Pre-ordering will begin soon so check back to see the exact date.  

Listen to the song by Superchick!

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