Best of Advent 2012

We have had so much fun this year celebrating Advent!  A few of my favorite days have been: The Live Nativities (Racine Christian Church and Grove Dental Associates), Rhema Bible Christmas Lights, Having a Worship/Dance Party in the Boys Room, and Making Christmas Cards for the Elderly and Delivering them at a nearby Nursing Home.

After going to the live Nativity at Grove Dental, we went to downtown Grove and took a few pics.

I love that Grove still has the Nativity scene at the City Hall.

Making Christmas cards for the elderly

Delivering the cards to a nursing home in Grove

The sweet ladies loved the boys... Will even gave out hugs :) And Jack was fascinated by their walkers...I think he wanted to take one out for a spin!

And, the residents even gave the boys stuffed animals to take home...this was by far the best activity we have ever done for Advent.  To see the joy on their sweet faces after receiving a card and hug was so special.

Christmas Blessings to you,

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