Choosing Joy

As we were driving home from Oklahoma City on Saturday in the pouring rain, without a front passenger window, and glass pieces everywhere (our car was broken into while at the State Fairgrounds watching HS basketball and numerous items were stolen, including Jack's iPad, my purse and wallet, and our camera), Andrew looks at me in the backseat, sitting in between Will and Jack and says, "We will not allow the enemy to steal our joy.

John 10:10 says, "The thief comes only to steal, kill, and destroy; I have come so that they may have life, and have it to the full." 

And, from that moment on, our attitudes shifted.  Our perspective changed.  And, boy did we need it to.  We were all sad, angry, depressed, blindsided, blaming ourselves (Will kept saying, "I am so sorry, Mom,I should not have brought the iPad."  Man, I love this kid's heart), and just flat-out sick to our stomachs.  

But, as soon as Scripture was spoken, we were different.  

We were lighter.  

We laughed.  

We praised Him in the storm...literally.  

We knew that so much had been lost-countless videos of the boys and most of a "book" I have been working on for almost 2 years about our experiences the last 4 years.  

But, we knew that we still had SO much, too. It was hard to have bad attitudes when we focused on what we still had and not what had been lost. 

And, although it's not a fun situation to go through, our prayer is that something good will come out of this.  Who knows?  Maybe the person who took the iPad will watch a video of Jack walking for the first time or sitting up on his own as his brother cheered him on, or read something I wrote and it will make an impact.  Maybe this person will see those with special needs differently.  Maybe this will soften a heart that has been hardened.  Or, maybe because of something they read about the Lord, they will turn back to Him or come to know Him for the first time.  Only God knows.  But, I am choosing to believe that He allowed this to happen for a purpose far beyond my understanding.  

Lord, you are so faithful to give us your Living Word when we feel so robbed and beaten up...help us to continue to choose joy over anger and sadness and have the right perspective. And, we know that you are in control and see everything.  So, again we pray that good will come from this circumstance, even though we may never see the end result ourselves, because we know that in all things, You work for the good of those who love You. Amen.  

After a rough weekend, we were thankful for a very joyful moment at Horses for Healing (www.horsesforhealingnwa.com) in Bentonville, Ark!

What a perfect week to get back on the saddle! 

And, the Lord gave Jack a horse named "Scooter"!
God Bless Horses for Healing!

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  1. Oh I am so sorry!!! That is tough! :( You are choosing great attitudes even though it is so very hard. I hope the police are able to track down your stolen items!!!