Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month

March is Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month so I thought it would be appropriate to share a few facts with you about CP.  And, to ask you to join us in spreading a little extra awareness and acceptance this month for those with Cerebral Palsy.  

Did you know?...

1.  Over 800,000 Americans, and over 17,000,000 million people worldwide are impacted by Cerebral Palsy, the most common motor disability in children.  Can you believe those numbers?  And, still, there is very little federal funding for research and awareness.  

2.  Cerebral palsy is incurable – Cerebral palsy is damage to the brain that cannot currently be cured. Treatment and therapy help manage effects on the body.

3. Cerebral palsy is non-progressive – The brain lesion is the result of a one-time brain injury and will not produce further degeneration of the brain.

4. There are wonderful organizations like Reaching for the Stars, a Foundation of Hope for Children with Cerebral Palsy, that need your help in spreading awareness for our kids.  You can start by checking out their website: www.reachingforthestars.org

5. Children with CP can absolutely take your breath away, just by being themselves?  And, teach you more about life than anyone else on earth ever has or ever will without speaking a single word?  

I did not know any of these facts three years ago...but, today I sit here and write these words to spread awareness, foster acceptance, educate, and unify.  All because God chose me to be "momma" to a sweet little guy named Jack Wesley.  I consider myself blessed and thank the Lord for giving me the chance to witness something so remarkable each and every single day... pure joy, no judgment, perseverance, and the ability to soften even the hardest hearts.  

Please join us in the fight for our kids with CP and Be Blessed!!

There is no stopping this guy!

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