Second Chances

Today is a special day.  It's my sister's birthday.  

My sister that I love.  

My sister that looks a lot like our dad, too. 

My sister that I got to have a fun lunch date with last week.

My sister that loves being an aunt to my boys.

My sister that is so full of grace.

My sister that loves the Lord and lives her life to bring Him glory.

And, My sister that I never knew, until now.

(For all the grammar snobs (myself included), I tried to substitute "who" for "that" and it just didn't have the same feel...agree?)

What a gift to have my sister in my life after so many years-someday I might feel led to go into more of our story, but for today, I am just forever grateful to the Lord for forgiveness, restoration, and second chances.  Only He could bring so much healing.  Only He could do what He did in our lives.  

So, today, I encourage you to think about a relationship in your life that might need to be reconciled or maybe you just need to ask for forgiveness...for "the things which are impossible with man are possible with God."  Luke 18:27

Happy birthday blessings, sweet sister!  


The boys love their auntie!

Dad and his daughters...what a special reunion we shared.  

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