As we walked through Target on Sunday after celebrating Will's birthday in Tulsa over the weekend, I noticed something.  Wait for it...this might surprise you (but probably not).  We are SO incredibly HURRIED.  "We" as in, my family and everyone else in the store yesterday.  Lately Jack has not wanted to be carried or pushed in any way, shape, or form.  So, he has been walking a lot in his K-Walker or by holding one of our hands.  Yesterday he was in his walker...and yesterday he was almost knocked over by a grown man, rushing through Target. And, although he didn't even acknowledge he almost took out a 3.5 year old with special needs, I couldn't be too upset with him.  Because, we, too were hurried and said countless times, "Let's go, Jack" and "Come on Jack, keep moving." Meanwhile, he is just enjoying life and "taking it all in".  He says "hi" to strangers and makes eye contact with every passing shopper and smiles at them as if they are long-lost bff's.  And, why is it that we are so concerned with others having to stop an extra 5-10 seconds so that he can get through a door that we are having to hold open because automatic doors are a luxury?  Sorry for that last rant, but seriously.  

I am challenging myself to do as Jack so often does and say hello to others, smile at strangers, and to be more available to "take it all in"...and lastly, not feel bad when my son's disability causes someone else to do the same.  

Be blessed this Monday!

"Be still and know that I am God;
I will be exalted among the nations,
I will be exalted in the earth."  Psalm 46:10

I couldn't help but think of this Veggie tune..."Busy,Busy".

And, here's the birthday boy!

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