The Lord is Coming!

If you google the word advent you might find something like this:
Advent- the Lord is coming, a time of expectant waiting and preparation for the celebration of the Nativity of Jesus at Christmas.  

Just reading those words causes me to pause and thank God for the gift of Jesus. But, last year I asked myself if I was really expectantly awaiting anything and preparing for a celebration...I realized that I needed to have more of a Christ-centered focus during the entire Christmas season.  And, since I also wanted to pass this down to my sons, I decided to do something that included our entire family.  I remembered reading a story of a mom who did "40 acts of kindness" on her 40th birthday so I thought I would tweak her idea and do something similar for Advent. My desire was to stay focused on the Lord's coming throughout the month, teach the boys about the true meaning of Christmas through serving, giving, and showing love to those who may be forgotten, and spending quality time as a family.  

So, here are a few ideas for you to consider this season!
Day 1: Leave goodies for your mail carrier with a note attached saying "We appreciate you! Merry Christmas!" 
Day 2: Make cards or ornaments and deliver to a nearby nursing home (We did this last year and the elderly people we visited absolutely loved it!)
Day 3: Pray for a specific family member all day long
Day 4: Leave dollar bills in random spots at Dollar Tree, Dollar General, etc.
Day 5: Write a hand-written note to someone and mail it to them (even if you live in the same house)
Day 6: Read chapters from the Bible on the birth of Christ
Day 7: Bake cookies for special needs or sick children and deliver to them
Day 8: Pray for an "enemy"
Day 9: Leave money in a vending machine
Day 10: Tip your server at a restaurant VERY well (my personal favorite!)
Day 11: Donate toys from the toy box to a nearby daycare, charity, etc.
Day 12: Have a worship/dance party at home
Day 13: Make handmade ornaments, garland, etc.
Day 14: Go out and look at Christmas lights together
Day 15: Deliver goodies to your neighbors (& you can even sing carols if you like :)  

I would love to know your Advent ideas, too, so please share with me!  Lastly, I will leave you with this video from www.adventconspiracy.org...pretty powerful stuff.  

Be blessed as you expectantly await our Savior's birth!

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  1. Love this. I need to add this in as part of my family's tradition. Thanks for sharing.